Collaboration, It is all about team work, Joining forces and striving together to achieve the best possible result.

Ory Vogel and Yaki De-Levi both are second generation to a diamond legacy, Started their joined path by forming a volunteer Diamond Innovation Forum at the peak of the financial crisis of 2008. The forum the founded and led had dozens of young diameter who all strove to promote public venture for the good of the Israeli diamond industry. Both continue to take part in different volunteer ventures and promote ideas for the good of the public.

In light of those values they decided to found Diamond Boutique along with other values such as Joy, transparency and professionalism.

Our vision is “to make our clients happy by manufacturing diamonds with perfect luster and proportions. Collaboration with our clients and suppliers and mutual learning of each other demands is our way of doing business”.

Diamond Boutique has formed a manufacturing process with extremely high standards and thorough quality assurance.

Each diamond is examined and recut to his full potential of beauty and value.

Ory Vogel: Graduated TAU and attained a B.A. in Economics and management, For a short while he served as an analyst for Discount investment and underwriting till the luster of diamonds dazzled him,Learning the basics through hard work and gemological courses he joined the family business “Dor Diamonds (S.E. Vogel)”,than he lead the Internet venture “Gemisimo”- the price comparison search engine for loose diamonds from birth to launch.

Specializing in evaluating each and every aspect of a single stone and generating a complete market analysis is one of his stronger abilities.

Yaki De Levi: M.B.A. graduate of COMAS has known right from the start that his destiny is within the diamond business, He joined “Belami Diamonds” the family business and learned from his father the diamond trait.

For almost twenty years he managed the purchase and production of the company and become an expert in manufacturing fancy shaped diamonds. A major part of the business was to give a precise answer to the needs of world renowned jewelers.

Yaki has also specialized in private and corporate coaching and escorted dozens of business men, especially within the diamond industry, in personal or group workshops coaching.

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